For the second time Dero has put trust in Mazak for laser supply, upgraded from the 6kW machine; further buliding the working relationship between the two companies.

Yet again, the very first of its kind in the UK, this machine is at the forefront of laser cutting technology, designed and manufactured in Japan calling upon Mazak's long history of machine tools to achieve a highly actuate laser capable of cutting an eye watering 30mm Stainless Steel and Aluminium

The machine is at the cutting edge in terms of both power and specification. The machine uses Mazak's latest Preview G control enabling unsurpassed operating speed, with the cutting head nearing 2G. The laser comes equipped with twin pallet changer, work piece lifters, automatic nozzle changer, automatic focus and high sensor calibration. All these time saving features make this machine a true production tool enabling parts to be processed with the minimum of human interaction and to the high quality and tolerances Mazak has become known for in their machine tool range.

Laser cutting is a process that produces highly accurate flat parts from sheet material, Laser cutting is a non-contact process with the material being cut by a focused laser beam. The process can produce parts just a few millimeters in size up to a maximum of 3000x1500mm


  • Clean edge on finish products
  • No tooling requirement
  • Large range of material and thickness can be cut

Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber laser cutting is at the forefront of laser cutting technology and has been used in the industry for about the past 6 years. The laser beam is generated by blocks of diodes, delivered to the cutting area down a fiber optic cable. The main advantage over a conventional CO2 machines is the power usages, making a fiber machine much greener and environmentally friendly.

Laser Cutting
Dero's Machine

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Introducing the Mazak Optiplex 3015 8 kW Fiber
Mazak Laser Tour 2015

Minokamo, Japan
Dero were lucky enough to have the once in a life time opportunity of visiting Mazak's operation in Japan.

The tour showcased Mazak latest technology in laser cutting enabling Dero to ensure we continue to invest in the very latest technology.
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